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Training Resources for Folks Getting Started on the Web

From time to time I get asked about resources available to help a self-starter learn more about web development. We try to foster a culture of learning here at Gaslight. As such, we’re continually looking at new stuff. This is the short list of what we like. If there is...

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CinciJS - How I Learned Ember with Jeremy Mack

A look at how I learned Ember over the last nine months. I’ve helped launch a west coast startup and created a data-driven internal application for a large company. I’ll cover reference materials I’ve used. Documentation lookup techniques that have served me well. Code snippets that Ember made it really...

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Gaslight Podcast #15: Software Entrepreneurship with Joe Pantuso

Your browser does not support the audio element. This episode features Joe Pantuso, a Cincinnati local software entrepreneur. We cover Joe’s impressive career as an early employee of PKWARE the creator of a Doom game modding engine, an author of multiple books, and the successful founder of a company that...

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CinciJS - Javascript and Azure Mobile Services

Azure Mobile Services Ease your mobile app development to the cloud powered by Javascript with Azure Mobile Services. Javascript, it’s not just for browsers anymore. If you are a Javascript developer today you are no longer confined to the browser frame, you can take those skills to mobile devices, servers...

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CincyRB - Commodity Market Analysis with Doug Alcorn

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CincyRB - Cloud9 and

Check out some cloud based development environments.

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