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Using Local Libraries with CocoaPods

We’re big fans of CocoaPods here at Gaslight. We like having dependencies managed for us, source fetched and compiler and linker flags set automatically. We’ve been using a proprietary library called SensibleTableView for building out TableViews quickly in our project. Since it’s proprietary, we can’t just give Cocoapods a podspec...

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Gaslight Podcast #6: Software Project Guidance with Doug Alcorn - Part 1

Your browser does not support the audio element. We sat down with Doug Alcorn to talk about software project… guidance? This week we dive head on into a discussion of what it takes to have a successful software project. We had such a good time riding the rapids and turning...

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A Case for CoffeeScript

I’ve been writing JavaScript applications for the past few years. I’ve spent a lot of time learning JavaScript, and I’ve established a pretty solid development work-flow. We use CoffeeScript here at Gaslight, so when I came on-board, I was not at all excited to switch. I’ve spent the past few...

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Gaslight Podcast #5: Jim Weirich on Rake, Staying Sharp, and Testing

Your browser does not support the audio element. This week we spoke with Cincinnati local Jim Weirich about the new version of Rake, how he keeps learning, and the case for different kinds of testing. Subscribe with RSS Subscribe with iTunes

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Intro to JavaScript Game Development

It’s probably not surprising that many of us Gaslighters would consider ourselves gamers. In fact, as I write this, I’m over-hearing @dougalcorn and @st23am standing at the coffee machine, sharing their weekend “Eve Online” exploits. As such, it was our great pleasure to provide a home for a couple of...

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Post GiveCamp Reflections

GiveCamp this year was a great opportunity and I had an awesome time. Taking a weekend out and focusing on giving back to charities that are making a difference in peoples lives and communities felt really good. Also I got to hang out with some great people. Our charity CUFA...

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