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Objective-C's Designated Initializer Pattern

Out of the box in Objective-C you can initialize an instance of a class by calling alloc and init on it. // Creating an instance of Party Party *party = [[Party alloc] init]; Alloc allocates memory for the instance, and init gives it’s instance variables it’s initial values. Both return...

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Mobile Web Apps: Are We There Yet?

As a non-Mac owner I remember seeing this promotional video from 37signals and feeling like I needed to buy a Mac if I wanted to be a great Ruby programmer or web designer. In Ruby’s culture there is a strong preference for Apple products. “The great thing about Ruby on...

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Ember Resources

I’ve heard lots of good noises coming from the Ember camp lately, so I started diving in a couple weeks ago. I’m really excited with what I’ve seen, but getting started is still harder than it should be. The documentation is improving rapidly, but it was still difficult to get...

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Gaslight Podcast #8: Girl Develop It

Your browser does not support the audio element. We met with Sara Chipps and Erin Kidwell to talk about Girl Develop It, an organization that holds classes and events for developers and aspiring developers. In this episode we talk about how Girl Develop It spread across the country with sold...

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What's Chris Nelson Been Up To?

Chris Nelson’s been busy! In early November, Chris gave a talk at Ruby Conf “Machine learning for fun and profit: the story of how my customer wrote my code”. In it, Chris delves into decision trees, when they are appropriate tools, and their implementation in Ruby. In domains that implement...

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Gaslight Podcast #7: Software Project Guidance with Doug Alcorn - Part 2

Your browser does not support the audio element. In this episode, Kevin and I continue our conversation on project guidance with Doug Alcorn. We talk about different approaches to dividing up work and the factors that make certain projects more successful than others. Subscribe with RSS Subscribe with iTunes

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