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How Big is a Story?

In conversations about Kanban, @dougalcorn mentioned Jeff Patton’s excellent article Kanban Over Simplified. What was specifically interesting about this article to me was The mystery of the shrinking story. You might be surprised that the term “story”, as described by Kent Beck in the first edition of Extreme Programming Explained,...

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New York Tech Meetup

TL;DR: We took a trip to NYC to participate in the NYTM audience and see how things work. We want to bring something similar to Cincinnati, so checking out the original group was a great introduction. If it’s the first time you’ve heard of it, go check out some old...

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An AutoSave Pattern for Ember and Ember Data

Requiring users to click a submit or save button in a web application is great for developers but can be a burden on users in some situations. Sometimes it is nice to automatically save the user’s data as they fill out forms. Automatically saving models in Ember can be a...

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Living the Dream with JRuby

I got into Ruby through JRuby. I was doing Java for about 10 years before I started doing Ruby. What got me interested, like so many others, was Rails. I was blown away by Ruby and Rails, but the surrounding ecosystem (native libraries that needed to be compiled on each...

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Gaslight Podcast 18: Eve Online Development with CCP Ripley

Your browser does not support the audio element. CCP Ripley, Development Director of Eve Online joined us to talk about CCP’s development process. We talk about how Ripley manages small teams of developers and artists to deliver new features and gameplay to over 500,000 subscribers. Subscribe with RSS Subscribe with...

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Why Not Pivotal Tracker?

We’ve been using Pivotal Tracker for a very long time. At least once we’ve made a serious attempt to switch to something else. The time has come for another attempt. Our goal is to provide a more complete, transparent, and malleable insight into our process with better metrics. That’s a...

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