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Breaking Open Gridlocked Rails Applications

It’s not sexy work, but there are hundreds of companies out there with old gridlocked Rails apps. Developed by people who have moved on, or by intact teams who haven’t put a priority on paying down technical debt. These are companies doing good business but struggling to innovate. You’ll often...

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Why We Wrote a Blog

We just shipped a new version of our blog. It’s a Rails app. It’s not some fancy-pants, johnny-come-lately static site generator. Why on Earth would we do such a thing? Well, it turns out there are several reasons. It’s Rails We write Rails apps everyday. We write them for our...

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Angular: The Component Orientedness It Makes Me Happy And Why

Being a geezer programmer ain’t all bad. True, sometimes it’s incredibly annoying to those around us: “Back in my day we had a trash 80, a cassette player, and some duct tape AND WE LIKED IT!”. But other times, we get to look back over decades of programming with some...

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How to Time Travel Your Data

I wanted to get my thoughts down about a recent talk I gave here at the Gaslight Office about Datomic. It was inspired by a talk given at RailsConf 2013 by Yoko Harada introducing Relevance’s Diametric Gem, which provides an ActiveModel wrapper to Datomic. Datomic is database written in Clojure...

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How We Handled the Problem of JS Date/Time Equality

We are using Konacha and Chai on a project and we needed to compare a bunch of time values in our specs. This post describes some of the pain we experienced testing JS Date/Time equality, and what we did about it. As a result of this work, we’ve released a...

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Intermediate Ember Controller Concepts

This post was updated on 2/18/2014 to reflect changes in Ember and incorporate feedback from some of the comments. I’ve been finding issues in an Ember application I’m working on where the author (me) didn’t fully grasp Ember controllers. Here are a few controller concepts I’ve learned. Controller Concepts A...

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