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I Survived Dev Bootcamp

Tyler Shipe is a talented and creative guy, who found himself working a desk job at a financial services company. A self-described child of “geeks”, and increasingly interested in the world of programming, he decided to take the plunge and apply to Chicago’s Dev Bootcamp. We’re really excited by this...

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I Like Pry But...

Everytime I talk about Pry I invariably hear “I like Pry but…”. More specifically, “I like Pry, but I wish I could step”, and “I like Pry, but can’t I do all this in debugger?”. My article is an attempt to squash this, and get more people trying Pry. Let’s...

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The Cincinnati Web Tech Study Group: A Learning Experience

Kenny Glenn is a recent graduate of the inagural Cincinnati Web Tech Study Group, creator of Cincy Ipsum, and a talented and swell guy. We really enjoyed participating in the group from our side. A big thanks to Kenny for graciously providing a recap of the experience from his. A...

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Measuring Engagement with Ruby

We’re making a huge effort to be more active on our blog. We want to measure how much activity our blog posts are generating on various websites. This led to the creation of engagement. Engagement is a Ruby Gem that will help you find out the number of comments a...

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I'm speaking at Windy City Rails!

I’ll be speaking at Windy City Rails on September 12th! At Gaslight we’ve been using Rails to build a logistics system with custom hardware components. Overall the project has been a big success but also a significant learning experience. We’re handling concurrency between the hardware and our app at multiple...

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Gaslight Podcast: Managing Software Teams with Joe Pantuso

Your browser does not support the audio element. This week Joe Pantuso, CTO of Ahalogy joined us to talk more about managing software teams. We talk more about Kanban, hiring developers, and working with distributed teams.

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