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Creating Awesome New Developers: Dev Bootcamp Visit

Last week, Chris and I visited Dev Bootcamp in Chicago. We talked with Dave Hoover and our old friend (and inaugural QCMerge speaker) Jen Myers. Dave’s Twitter bio does a great job summing up the person I met: “Latent human potential pisses me off.” You can tell he’s driven to...

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The Intersection of Design and Development

Since I’ve been in the business of making things for people, I’ve always thought there was a clear distinction between designers and developers. They dress different and concentrate on different things. How can lines of code be the same as a logo? After attending Brooklyn Beta I opened my eyes....

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Brooklyn Beta Breaks Wide Open

2013 was a pivotal year for the [Brooklyn Beta] ( conference. It’s the web conference that defies us all to “Make Something You Love”. It was fourth year for the conference, in which word of mouth had driven an unprecedented demand for access. The organizers faced a real dilemma this...

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How to Create a Configurable AngularJS Directive

In our CampNG class, we have a section on adding validations and error messages. Having to add a span for each possible validation error is pretty tedious, so I thought I’d have a go at writing a directive to do it. One thing that was interesting about building it was...

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6 Ways to Remove Pain From Feature Testing in Ruby on Rails

Lire cet article en français. Writing feature tests in Ruby on Rails used to be the most painful part of my development work flow. Now I kind of like it. Here’s what’s different: 1. Don’t Use Cucumber Disclaimer: The views expressed in the following paragraph do not necessarily represent those...

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Better Code Design through Pictures

When I switched from Java development with Eclipse to Ruby and Rails with Vim, one part of my workflow that I missed for quite a while was the visual file browser in my IDE I was so used to seeing. It turns out having a visualization of the directory structure...

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