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Rails New: Active Record

In the first two posts of this series, we’ve skimmed the basics of Ruby on Rails in the form of a quick getting started guide, followed by a shallow dive into Rails’ implementation of an MVC architecture and the role Routing plays in tying it all together. This week we’ll...

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A Bit of State

There’s a developer aphorism that claims “shared mutable state is the root of all evil”. It’s a fun, pithy statement that’s intentionally exaggerating to make a point, but there are also some good reasons for the sentiment. As we create applications, being mindful of how and where we introduce stateful...

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Rails New: MVC & Routing

Welcome back to the second installment in our series of “Rails new” posts. Last week, our VP of Development, Tim Mecklem demonstrated just how easy it is to get a custom Web application up and running with Rails. We also saw how some key pieces of the Rails ecosystem fit...

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Server-Side Rendering with Next.js

Next.js is a production-ready framework built on top of React that provides advanced functionality, such as Server-Side Rendering. Prerequisites: Some React experience Node.js 12+ Yarn 1.22.0+ Npm and Npx Why Next.js As a React site scales in size so will some of the challenges facing a modern web application. Here...

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Rails New: Introduction

The Plan A few months ago, our VP of Development, Tim Mecklem decided to change the format of the Cincinnati Ruby Brigade CincyRB by rebooting the meeting content, both literally and figuratively. Tim envisioned an opportunity to serve both newcomers and experienced developers alike by presenting foundational material in a...

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Demystifying AWS S3 uploads in Ruby on Rails

Amazon Web Services include S3 (Simple Storage System) which Amazon describes as “an object storage service” that provides “scalability, availability, security and performance”. While there are many types of objects that can be stored on S3, in this article we will focus on storing a JSON file that will be...

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