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The Best Resources for Learning Elixir

I’ve had a ton of fun learning Elixir lately, and have been trying to consume as much content about it as I can. It is really a shame that my brain doesn’t have multiple cores and run on the Erlang VM, because I could probably get through a lot more...

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The Problem With Novel User Interfaces

Perusing the website of a User Experience Coach, I found a case study with this example mock-up for a search interface: The user swipes a list of items to the left or to the right to include or exclude them from a list. Because the UI is novel (i.e. confusing),...

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ActiveAdmin is the New Spreadsheet

If your company is anything like Gaslight, it’s pretty common to have a bunch of spreadsheets in Dropbox or Google Drive to keep track of random operational details. We have had spreadsheets tracking time off requests, birthdays, G-Days (employment anniversaries), blog writing schedules, and contact information for team members. Spreadsheets...

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Gaslight Podcast: Software Patents

Your browser does not support the audio element. In this episode I talked with Eric Bitzegaio, former digital patent attorney and current developer, to discuss software patents. Subscribe with RSS Subscribe with iTunes

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Gaslight Podcast: Teaching Ruby on Rails

Your browser does not support the audio element. In this episode I sit down with Kevin and Michael to talk about why developers are treated like children, teaching Ruby on Rails, and obsessive problem solving. Subscribe with RSS Subscribe with iTunes

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Why I Became A Developer (After Studying Design)

Four years ago I began my journey to become a Graphic Designer. DAAP had just merged the Graphic and Digital design majors into one super-major, titled “Graphics Communication Design”, and I would be a member of the first graduating class to bear that title. I thought this would be a...

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