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Accessing Models with Confidence in Cucumber Specs with factory_girl

We’ve mentioned our love of page objects in feature testing. Setting up the environment page objects, our pattern is to implement method missing to handle methods of type _page. When a step requests login_page, method missing picks up the request, lazy loads a LoginPage into a instance variable on demand....

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Testing Behavior vs. Testing Implementation

Test-driven development is more art than science, and understanding what to test for comes only with experience. Further complicating things is that testing for the wrong stuff can create a suite of tests that are ugly, brittle, and provide false-positive passing tests. One of the keys to clean and reliable...

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Gaslight Podcast: Ruby Culture with Dave Thomas

Your browser does not support the audio element. In this episode, Dave Thomas, Doug Alcorn and I discuss how Dave became involved with Ruby, how the culture of Ruby has evolved over time, and Jim Weirich’s legacy in the community. Subscribe with RSS Subscribe with iTunes

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Structuring CSS on the Filesystem

Introduction Chris Moore already pointed out that CSS is the last frontier of web development and that we’re mostly using BEM to structure our CSS at Gaslight. Six months has passed and we’re still using BEM so that probably says something. We’ve now used BEM on multiple projects and we...

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The Best Resources for Learning Elixir

I’ve had a ton of fun learning Elixir lately, and have been trying to consume as much content about it as I can. It is really a shame that my brain doesn’t have multiple cores and run on the Erlang VM, because I could probably get through a lot more...

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The Problem With Novel User Interfaces

Perusing the website of a User Experience Coach, I found a case study with this example mock-up for a search interface: The user swipes a list of items to the left or to the right to include or exclude them from a list. Because the UI is novel (i.e. confusing),...

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