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How I Became a Web Developer

When Gaslight asked me back in November if I’d like to write a post about my experience becoming a developer, I was clueless about how to begin. I find writing to be difficult, and it can sometimes be a tough yak to shave, but here’s my attempt. Breaking the Pattern...

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3 Solutions for Using Meteor and AngularJS Together

Building rich client web apps has gotten a ton better in the past 5 years. Frameworks like AngularJS and Ember have provided solutions to most of the problems you are going to encounter building the client side of your app: binding, routing, communicating with the server, to name a few....

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Gaslight Podcast 32: Ember in Practice

Your browser does not support the audio element. In this episode I talked with Wesley Workman, engineer at Batterii about being a long term user of the Ember JavaScript framework. We talk about the community, testing, and upcoming changes to framework. Subscribe with RSS Subscribe with iTunes

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How Good Developers Avoid Bad Code

Developers often like to think of themselves as engineers. We value things that make sense above all. Code is no different. Principles and rules often heavily influence the decisions we make while coding. With all of the information surrounding us, sometimes it can feel like our decisions can be heavily...

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The Evolution of Ember: A Look at Its Past, Present and Future

Let me take you back to January 2013 and the darkest days of Ember. For my co-workers and I, it was the heyday of “Ember vs. Angular.” We knew that each had a lot to offer over our current Rails and Backbone stacks, but OMG, WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE? Ember...

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Why We Need Cincy Day of Functional

Last month Gaslight developer Geoff Lane wrote about the fact that our whole dev team has been working together to learn Clojure. This functional language has a lot to offer to both developers and clients. I’m very excited about working with Clojure even though lately I’ve fallen for another language...

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