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The Case of the Missing Product Owner

I’ve been doing some research about our history at Gaslight. We’ve worked on almost 100 different software projects over the past six years which works out to about 16 projects per year. Out of those 100, we can count the unsuccessful projects on one hand. And that means we’ve delivered...

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Offline Web Applications with CouchDB, PouchDB and Ember CLI

A few years ago, we worked with a client in the agricultural industry. We were building an application to allow scouts to take measurements out in the field. Literally. It was a difficult problem because we had to support offline use. We wound up creating a pretty sophisticated system that...

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A Sneak Peek at Angular 2

Angular 2 is 72% of the way to beta at last check. It’s a great time to start seeing what’s coming. In this video, I show off some of my favorite features of Angular 2 and talk about what the upgrade path from Angular 1 looks like. Hit play for...

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What Is a Living Style Guide?

A living style guide is a reference for a team of designers and developers to understand how an application will look and feel. It is used to convey design language, define design rationale, and explain how to use markup. A living style guide creates shared understanding among all team members...

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Learn Some Angular 2 at the Playground

Angular 2 is getting closer. I’ve been super excited to see things taking shape over the last few months, but it’s not always easy to dig in and try stuff out. As expected with a rapidly evolving project that isn’t beta yet, let alone 1.0, documentation is often either lacking...

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Interoperability in Elixir: Dealing with the world outside the Beam

Ports, Nifs, and Interfaces, Oh my! Elixir is an incredibly powerful language that sits on top of the battle tested and reliable Erlang ecosystem. This power is a big reason I am excited about building applications in Elixir. It enables us to write more of our application’s stack in Elixir...

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