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4 Essential Steps for Renovating a Large Section of Your App

There is a section of your app that has outgrown itself. What your users need from the app has evolved. Your business is not the same as it was when the user interface (UI) was originally built. You have crammed too much functionality into one area. The multitude of options...

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Releasing CRäKN: Blogging a Custom Software Project

We’re always trying to give people a better glimpse into exactly how we build custom software. But unless you’re standing over our shoulders for several months, it can be hard to bring all the tiny steps alive in a meaningful way. So a few months ago we thought, “Why not...

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How Continuous Deployment Boosts Developer Morale and Productivity

We recently partnered with one our our longest-running clients, Sharethrough, to transition their projects to continuous deployment. This practice means that when you push code to the master branch in your repository the system is automatically deployed to production on a successful build. For the non-developers in the audience, this...

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Why You Should Co-Locate With Your Development Team

I used to love my cube at Knovation. It was comfortable and secluded, held all of my belongings, and gave off that “don’t bother me I’m busy” vibe. For the work I was doing at the time, it made sense. I moved between managing metadata and writing lengthy software requirements,...

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5 Reasons You Need to Watch Real People Use Your App

Last week we jumped in a minivan for a software road trip with our client Knovation. Six of us drove from Cincinnati to Mooresville, North Carolina, to observe teachers and students at Mooresville Intermediate School using icurio—a web-based learning engagement tool we helped build over the past year or so....

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Beyond Pivotal Tracker: Managing Software Projects With Trello

Two years ago, we wrote a popular blog post called “Why Not Pivotal Tracker?” It outlined some of our frustrations with Pivotal and mentioned that we hoped to replace this tool with some form of kanban. We’re often asked for an update on how we’re managing software projects now. The...

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