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Where Would I Even Start?: Compilers

Compilers are scary…at least from the outside. On the inside, though, the basics of a compiler are a lot simpler than you may think. A compiler is really just a program to convert between languages. For example, the Babel compiler converts newer versions of JavaScript to older versions that are...

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Git Branching Strategy for Feature Development

Git is a powerful tool that let’s you manage your source code pretty much any way you want. But this is definitely a case of “all things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial.” What I’d like to do is lay out my strategy for managing feature branches. I’m...

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TIL: How to Correctly Use a Jasmine Spy

At Gaslight we are all about continuously growing and learning, so we’re starting a “Today I Learned Series”! Stay tuned for more tidbits! I often find myself stumped when trying to use spies in a JavaScript test… Until Today. TIL: How to correctly use a Jasmine Spy: Foo = require('foo')...

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Solving Big Problems on Tiny Computers

Not all big software problems require big computers. When people talk about scale in the computing world, it’s usually related to managing heavy website traffic or processing large amounts of data. At Gaslight, I love to solve large scale problems. It’s a way for me to improve how I design...

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Apprenticeship: The Path to a Development Career

My name is Sam, and I’m entering my second career at only 24 years old. I could not be more confident that it is the right one. For those of you interested in hearing about the day-to-day of my experience in my new career, don’t worry! My next posts will...

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Apprenticeship: Unlocking Potential

I just finished my 6th week of the Gaslight Developer Apprenticeship. Myself, another mentee, and our mentor have been injected into an agile team at a large company in town. The team is operating on a vertical, which means we own both the back-end and front-end code for our part...

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