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How to get Elixir and Phoenix up and running

Maybe you’ve recently read an awesome blog post about Elixir and would like to try it out for yourself or you are simply trying to get back into it after taking a hiatus(the boat I’m in). This post is aimed at Elixir newbies who would like to get up and...

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Rails ActiveRecord Scopes With Arguments

I came across another interesting syntax used in a Rails application. scope :graduated_after, ->(date) { where('graduation_date > ?', date) } Warning: Before we start please note that variable scoping in Ruby and ActiveRecord scopes in Rails are totally different concepts. Ruby scopes are about where in the code values of...

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Distributed Elixir with Livebook

Livebook recently dropped and I was curious to see what the hype was all about. I had dabbled with ipython notebook (Jupyter) long ago, so I was curious to see what an Elixir version would offer. Some Googling will tell you that the primary improvements offered by Livebook over Jupyter...

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Defining Class Methods

Recently I came across an unusual syntax in Ruby: class FooBar class << self end end Today I want to share what I learned about it. Class Methods vs. Instance Methods Before we consider the syntax above let us recall when we use class methods. Imagine that we are working...

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Cincinnati Ruby Brigade: Characterization Tests

During the April 2021 meeting of the Cincinnati Ruby Brigade, Gaslight’s VP of Development Tim Mecklem walks us through writing Characterization tests as a means of dealing with a legacy codebase. Big shout out to Michael Feathers and his book, “Working Effectively with Legacy Code” which lays out the foundation...

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Windows and Elixir—An Unexpected Joy

There are a lot of reasons this post shouldn’t exist. For example, there was a point in Microsoft’s history that they were actively trying to take out Linux. Their about-face and innovative work on the Windows Subsystem for Linux is quite an impressive feat for Microsoft. Additionally, if not for...

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