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Agile Design: How to Iteratively Create an Amazing UI

Every web or mobile app has to start somewhere. Your app is not going to begin as the polished UI (user interface) that you’ve seen on dribble or Behance. It starts out simple and evolves over time with the help of experimentation and user testing. There will undoubtedly be some...

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3 Things All Great Creative Directors Do

Last month Gaslight hosted one of AIGA Cincinnati’s WomanUp events featuring a panel of five local female creative directors. It was part of a leadership initiative the chapter started last year to address the fact that only 3 percent of all creative directors are women. The room was packed with...

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Creating a Unified Brand Icon Style for Gaslight

A few months ago, I was tasked with redesigning all of the iconography that is used on our website. At the time, this seemed like a big chunk of work to accomplish all at once. Especially since we like to work iteratively here at Gaslight, and we’re usually focused on...

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What Is a Living Style Guide?

A living style guide is a reference for a team of designers and developers to understand how an application will look and feel. It is used to convey design language, define design rationale, and explain how to use markup. A living style guide creates shared understanding among all team members...

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How One Developer Learned to Appreciate Upfront Design

I used to be a web designer. I made and maintained some public-facing corporate websites. So when I began developing, my only concept of design was the graphic kind. Design for selling; not design for using. When I started freelancing as a developer, I could make functional software with no...

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Releasing CRäKN, Week 5: A Tale of Two Retrospectives and a Post-it Note Explosion

This post is part of a blog series that follows along as we work with our client, CRäKN, to build a software-as-a-service app. First post here. Time flies when you’re building a new app, and at week five, it was time for project retrospectives. Two short meetings to check in...

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