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For the Love of All Things Cincinnati Coffee

Coffee is part of our DNA at Gaslight. And it might be even more important to us now than it was before we started working remotely (in response to COVID-19). At least, it is for me. I find that I am drinking more coffee while working remotely from my dining...

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Weekly UI #2: Design a User Profile

Here’s another play-by-play of my DailyUI Challenge. This week’s prompt: Design a User Profile. You’ll see a little more of my thought process as I experiment with theme color, shapes, etc. on this artist profile design for a music app. Looking back now, I should have done this one next...

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3 Reasons we Use Favro (or any planning app)

Keeping organized during a project can be hard. Trying to learn about the product we’re creating, information from the client, current features, upcoming features … it’s a lot and it’s usually all going on at once. But, it doesn’t have to be hard. There are many many planning apps out...

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Weekly UI #1: How to Get Started in UX

The three most common questions I get asked when sitting on a panel or talking with design students and junior designers are: How do I get started? How do I build up my portfolio? What do you do for inspiration? And I get it. The path into this field feels...

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Pros and Cons of Full-Time Staffing vs Digital Product Agency

You’re ready to hire a developer! Great job! You’ve done all the work to convince your boss there’s a need for custom software. You put all the pieces in place to get a budget approved to hire and figure out where they’ll go and what they’ll do. Hiring developers is...

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We Built This Thing Called Geo Racer

This past summer, several colleagues and I spent our fleeting lunch hours brainstorming, planning, and working to build a multiplayer geolocation-based racing game. We chose this idea after going back and forth on a list of over 30 app concepts. A group of our designers and developers story mapped the...

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