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Weekly UI #2: Design a User Profile

Here’s another play-by-play of my DailyUI Challenge. This week’s prompt: Design a User Profile. You’ll see a little more of my thought process as I experiment with theme color, shapes, etc. on this artist profile design for a music app. Looking back now, I should have done this one next...

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3 Reasons we Use Favro (or any planning app)

Keeping organized during a project can be hard. Trying to learn about the product we’re creating, information from the client, current features, upcoming features … it’s a lot and it’s usually all going on at once. But, it doesn’t have to be hard. There are many many planning apps out...

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Weekly UI #1: How to Get Started in UX

The three most common questions I get asked when sitting on a panel or talking with design students and junior designers are: How do I get started? How do I build up my portfolio? What do you do for inspiration? And I get it. The path into this field feels...

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Pros and Cons of Full-Time Staffing vs Digital Product Agency

You’re ready to hire a developer! Great job! You’ve done all the work to convince your boss there’s a need for custom software. You put all the pieces in place to get a budget approved to hire and figure out where they’ll go and what they’ll do. Hiring developers is...

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We Built This Thing Called Geo Racer

This past summer, several colleagues and I spent our fleeting lunch hours brainstorming, planning, and working to build a multiplayer geolocation-based racing game. We chose this idea after going back and forth on a list of over 30 app concepts. A group of our designers and developers story mapped the...

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Fireside chats with Gaslight's Katie Pohlman

Come join us while we navigate working remotely through the social and economic changes of COVID-19. We’re staying connected through our virtual fireside chats and learning more about each of our team members, today being Katie Pohlman!

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