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Weekly UI #6: Subscribe

GET HYPED. This week I say a few things I regret and a lot of things I don’t as I walk through a subscribe call to action. The topic at hand? Coffee, coffee, coffee. Is it weird how excited I get about coffee, yet I don’t drink it. Except for...

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Weekly UI #5: Mobile Boarding Pass

“Good afternoon passengers, we are now boarding zone 1.” Imagine we are going on a plane trip. We hope to have a seamless boarding experience at the airport with this boarding pass design. I’ll talk through the organization of information and touch on some color theory. This is an example...

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Weekly UI #4: Location Tracker

Week 004 and we’re tracking your location. (Hypothetically, of course!) Follow along as I work through Daily UI 020 Prompt: Location Tracker. Remember Bus Detective? I use the app whenever I take the bus to work. We have some wishlist items that we want to add to make it better...

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Fireside chats with Gaslight's Haley Moore

As we continue working remotely through stay-at-home orders of COVID-19, we’re staying connected with some virtual fireside chats to learn and share more about each other. Today, get to know Haley Moore!

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Weekly UI #3: Music Profile

It is week three of this Weekly UI series. This time I’m walking through Day 19’s prompt: Design a Music Player. It felt fitting to follow up last week’s artist profile with another music-themed interface, eh? This week you won’t get any vocal performances, but you will get to see...

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For the Love of All Things Cincinnati Coffee

Coffee is part of our DNA at Gaslight. And it might be even more important to us now than it was before we started working remotely (in response to COVID-19). At least, it is for me. I find that I am drinking more coffee while working remotely from my dining...

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