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Launching Live Deck Beta: Where Presentations Come Alive

The team at Gaslight has been busy over the past few months. Apart from continuing alongside our clients to create technology that supports their organizations, we have been building something new on our own time. Something we are now ready to share with our development and design community. We would...

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Weekly UI 007: File Upload

Another week, another weekly UI—this time we’re designing a file upload modal. I’ll show you my favorite tool for selecting a color palette and we’ll touch on how to clearly and visually communicate progress status to our users. This kind of user interface is one that we are all used...

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5 Reasons Why HTML And CSS Are The Best Tools For Rapid Prototyping

Though this is just one stubborn designer’s opinion, nothing can beat HTML & CSS for prototyping an application. I have spent many years designing interfaces for software, websites, apps, etc. and the one thing that I feel confident about from my years of experience is that rapid prototyping belongs in...

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Weekly UI #6: Subscribe

GET HYPED. This week I say a few things I regret and a lot of things I don’t as I walk through a subscribe call to action. The topic at hand? Coffee, coffee, coffee. Is it weird how excited I get about coffee, yet I don’t drink it. Except for...

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Weekly UI #5: Mobile Boarding Pass

“Good afternoon passengers, we are now boarding zone 1.” Imagine we are going on a plane trip. We hope to have a seamless boarding experience at the airport with this boarding pass design. I’ll talk through the organization of information and touch on some color theory. This is an example...

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Weekly UI #4: Location Tracker

Week 004 and we’re tracking your location. (Hypothetically, of course!) Follow along as I work through Daily UI 020 Prompt: Location Tracker. Remember Bus Detective? I use the app whenever I take the bus to work. We have some wishlist items that we want to add to make it better...

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