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How a User Journey Map might keep you from losing your next customer

User Journey Maps (UJM) have grown in adoption as a discovery tool for software design and development teams over the last several years. They are often used to complement the functional requirements that are written to describe a software project. A critical distinction of the UJM is that it includes...

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Adobe XD: Pro & Cons

What is it? XD is another Adobe tool, yep that’s right! But this time made specifically for user experience design. It has some similarities to Illustrator, but with a prototype tab to connect everything and make your interfaces interactive. Why do we use it? You’re probably thinking, why? Well! Adobe...

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A More Flexible Vertical Grid

You may have read my previous article about vertical rhythm on the web. The article you’re reading now is a follow-up to that. Enjoy! Designing on a grid is not a new concept to front-end designers but, how we do it has certainly evolved. When the concept first came about,...

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Starting a software development project on the right foot

Building software is hard, there is no silver bullet that makes it easy. But hiring an outside partner makes it simpler, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Working with an agency can oftentimes fail to meet expectations. You commit to a long term project and they start writing code...

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How to add autoprefixer to an Elixir Project (with webpack)

As a whole, we’re really beginning to see Phoenix and Elixir gain some serious traction in the market. An increasing number of our projects are utilizing all that it has to offer—it’s really cool to see new technologies begin to take hold and stand on their own, and to be...

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Weekly UI Round Up

I am almost at the end of my Daily UI challenge that I started at the beginning of April. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take the occasional break—100 days is a long time! But, I’ve learned a lot along the way. The biggest thing that I’ll take...

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