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How I Sold Gaslight On Our New Brand

The scariest task to be given to a brand new designer on a first day: “Rebrand our company”. Even scarier? There is no one decision maker. So began the Gaslight rebranding! A little backstory. Before I began at Gaslight, I had interned with 4 graphic design firms. Each had different...

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Gaslight Podcast #7: Software Project Guidance with Doug Alcorn - Part 2

Your browser does not support the audio element. In this episode, Kevin and I continue our conversation on project guidance with Doug Alcorn. We talk about different approaches to dividing up work and the factors that make certain projects more successful than others. Subscribe with RSS Subscribe with iTunes

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Gaslight Podcast #6: Software Project Guidance with Doug Alcorn - Part 1

Your browser does not support the audio element. We sat down with Doug Alcorn to talk about software project… guidance? This week we dive head on into a discussion of what it takes to have a successful software project. We had such a good time riding the rapids and turning...

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More About Gaslight, Less About Software

Today we’re launching a new identity for Gaslight. We’re dropping ‘Software’ from our name, and we’ve created a new mark, thanks to our design team. We’ll continue to roll out these changes as our new website takes form. We’re excited for this change and the things that have happened over...

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How Do I Make an Animated .gif?

Here’s an animated gif of a certain sporting event that I saw on a certain broadcasting network’s website tonight. I expect a cease and desist any minute now, so let’s hurry. I made that (President Obama), but I don’t know if I would do it again, unless it was easier....

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Cookies, Design, & Aha Moments in Cincinnati & Beyond

An Interview with Kristin Lasita, Gaslight’s Newest Branding Star You’re a native of Cincinnati, what’s it like to grow up, go to college and start work here? I grew up traveling around the country. By the end of high school I was ready to get out, if not the state...

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