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The Cincinnati Web Tech Study Group: A Learning Experience

Kenny Glenn is a recent graduate of the inagural Cincinnati Web Tech Study Group, creator of Cincy Ipsum, and a talented and swell guy. We really enjoyed participating in the group from our side. A big thanks to Kenny for graciously providing a recap of the experience from his. A...

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Block, Element, Modifier

Why? CSS is the last frontier of web development. It’s usually a cluttered, unorganized mess of random styles crammed in a file. There’s always some attempt at keeping things organized, but the lack of structure eventually catches up and now you’re spending an hour digging through the CSS in the...

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Angular backed SVGs

Scalable Vector Graphics are super cool. They’re small compared to raster graphics and they’re dynamic. We recently created an application that needed a set of line graphs like this: My immediate thought was to use a charting library like NVD3.js or Raphael.js. We settled on NVD3.js, but the library started...

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Scraping By: Dev Tips for Designers

You are a designer working in web today. Because you make the things pretty, you are used to chucking your designs over the developer wall and leaving it there. Wrong. Any designer worth their salt working in interfaces has to have some basic understanding of how to run a dev...

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Why I Chose Zurb Foundation

We use Zurb’s Foundation framework on all our projects at Gaslight. I’ve been meaning to talk about why I believe Foundation is superior to Bootstrap for some time and what better time than today. Mobile First Foundation has been mobile first since the beginning. Responsive sites are pretty important to...

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Style Guides: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Grid

Bam, I have created the perfect design. Every checkbox is in place, all the type is perfectly aligned. Oh wait, I resized the window and everything IS WRONG. One of the things I miss the most about print design is the certainty that an element will appear precisely where I...

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