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How is solving a Rubik’s cube like working with Gaslight to build your product?

To start, we’ll give you some context. At our White Elephant gift exchange last year, someone got a Rubik’s cube. Since then, about 10 more people have either bought or brought in a cube and we’re all learning how to solve it. We won’t go into details, but it’s become...

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12 Days of Christmas

Can you believe Christmas is less than one-week away?!? This past year has flown by! And it’s fun to think back and reflect on all of the things that have happened here at Gaslight. And while I was thinking I couldn’t help but feel like and feel like this year...

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Shots, Rebounds, and Pizza: Gaslight’s first Dribbble Meetup

Gaslight has been the proud host of many a meetup over our decade in Cincinnati. We have started and/or hosted popular development groups like Cincy Js, Tech Cafeteria, and the Elixir Meetup. Now our designers are getting into the mix by hosting a quarterly Dribbble meetup. Never Heard of Dribbble?...

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Before Gaslight: Stories about how we landed, and why we're here to stay ...

We all have a backstory, and as far as the Gaslight team goes, our paths are quite non traditional. So many came from surprising backgrounds, are in their second career, or were attracted to Gaslight for the apprenticeship program. This is one characteristic that makes us so unique, and a...

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Value of Gaslight Culture: We're Better Together

“We’re Better Together” is a fitting place to start our blog series on the Gaslight core values because it is what all of our other values are built upon. That feeling of togetherness is what enables our small mighty teams to do great things week in and week out. We...

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Dogs of Gaslight

At Gaslight, we believe dogs are important to personal wellness, productivity, and are an overall culture booster! We believe in a strong work-life balance, and growing and working at a sustainable pace; what better way to slow ourselves down and reduce stress than spending time with our fuzzy friends! And...

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