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Fireside chats with Gaslight's Brandon Autrey

This week we have Brandon, the newest member of the Gaslight crew and we’re so excited to have him!

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Why you should build your app from a kid's perspective

We can learn so much from watching and interacting with kids. Their tiny, malleable minds experience the world innocently, and while this allows them to try new things with little hesitation, it also lets them quickly ditch things they don’t like, because there’s something else new and interesting within arm’s...

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Remote Discovery Work:Tips and tricks for the remote transition

The most effective way to begin solving any problem, discovery is important, collaborative work that helps us to move forward into design and development with confidence. It’s the time at the beginning of any custom software project where the team gets acclimated; better understands the goal to be accomplished, better...

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Agile Process in the COVID-19 Crisis

Things changed overnight for one of our clients and our team. With the call to implement a stay-at-home order came an immediate influx in site traffic and a drastic shift in feature prioritization. The team had to work toward being proactive in this situation as opposed to reactive and work...

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How Divvy helped us make the move to remote work

When we made the move to remote work our weekly catered team lunches naturally had to change in format. As described here, we decided to make a conscious effort to support our local economy and enable employees to order out lunch from a local restaurant. If we had to do...

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Pros and Cons of Full-Time Staffing vs Digital Product Agency

You’re ready to hire a developer! Great job! You’ve done all the work to convince your boss there’s a need for custom software. You put all the pieces in place to get a budget approved to hire and figure out where they’ll go and what they’ll do. Hiring developers is...

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