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PaidSimply Progress Report - Aug. 3, 2012

Note to self: Begin writing these posts on Monday not 15 minutes before they’re due to be published. Accomplishments Our goals from last week’s update were to ensure Google Analytics were running on the landing page and get approval of the tentative budget including an additional AdWords campaign. We’re not...

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PaidSimply Lean Canvas

The Challenge Last month’s meeting of the Cincinnati Lean Startup Circle was probably my favorite thus far. The turn out was larger than normal but the reason for my enthusiasm was the level of engagement of the entrepreneurs who showed up. There were many interesting ideas discussed openly which was...

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A Case for 1Password

We had a discussion this morning about password management and what is secure. I felt compelled to write something about what I believe to be the best mix of simplicity and security. In short, use 1Password. So the primary argument against 1Password is that it’s not secure enough. The main...

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How to get your start as an Entrepreneur

We recently witnessed an email conversation between a local student entrepreneur, Paul Baechtold, and Gaslight’s very own Lean Startup authority, Bill Barnett. The content speaks for itself and requires little introduction. We thought the conversation sparked by Paul, and the advice that follows, was both valuable and universal. If you...

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Customer Written Cukes

…and why they’re awesome. Or not. On one of our more recent projects, we were given an entire suite of customer written Cucumber features. We’ve toyed with Cucumber in the past, but this was the first time we’ve actually implemented Cukes on a customer project. I thought I’d take a...

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World Congress of Engineering Asset Management

We have been working with Assetricity implementing the MIMOSA Common Conceptual Object Model information standard for operations and maintenance. This year the WCEAM was held here in Cincinnati. I was able to attend the Interoperability for Asset Management workshop for the last couple of days. While there we ratified the...

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