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How we Cuke

Two styles of step writing in Gherkin sparked a discussion about Cucumber practices here in the office. Michael has been doing a lot of research, reflection, and has been taking a lot of good notes from The Cucumber Book. We this in mind, we recently sat down as a group...

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Gaslight Podcast #15: Software Entrepreneurship with Joe Pantuso

Your browser does not support the audio element. This episode features Joe Pantuso, a Cincinnati local software entrepreneur. We cover Joe’s impressive career as an early employee of PKWARE the creator of a Doom game modding engine, an author of multiple books, and the successful founder of a company that...

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CincyRB - Commodity Market Analysis with Doug Alcorn

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CincyRB - Cloud9 and

Check out some cloud based development environments.

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Gaslight Podcast #12: Benefit Corporations

Your browser does not support the audio element. In this podcast we speak with Kelly Dolan and Michael Kroeger from Ingage about B Corporations. B Corporations are companies that measure their success by their impact on the planet, the community, and their employees as well as profits. Lean what a...

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Gaslight Podcast #11: The Brandery With Robert McDonald

Your browser does not support the audio element. This week we met with Robert McDonald, cofounder of The Brandery, a Cincinnati incubator. We talked about why you may want to launch a startup in Cincinnati, what it takes to succeed with an incubator, and how to get your groceries in...

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