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Gaslight Podcast: Kanban Smackdown Part 2

Your browser does not support the audio element. We continue our talk about Kanban and dive into discussion of work in progress and creating a self organizing team. Subscribe with RSS Subscribe with iTunes

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How Big is a Story?

In conversations about Kanban, @dougalcorn mentioned Jeff Patton’s excellent article Kanban Over Simplified. What was specifically interesting about this article to me was The mystery of the shrinking story. You might be surprised that the term “story”, as described by Kent Beck in the first edition of Extreme Programming Explained,...

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Visiting a client in Indiana

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Why Not Pivotal Tracker?

We’ve been using Pivotal Tracker for a very long time. At least once we’ve made a serious attempt to switch to something else. The time has come for another attempt. Our goal is to provide a more complete, transparent, and malleable insight into our process with better metrics. That’s a...

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Dream Jobs with Chris Glass

Your browser does not support the audio element. Chris Glass of Wire & Twine joined us to talk about his process for design. Chris talks about using the analog world in digital design, separation of work and home environments, and how to tell when a design is done. Subscribe with...

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QCMerge: Maximizing Development Dollars with Doug Alcorn

Building custom applications is hard, expensive, and risky; but it’s the custom code that differentiates our businesses. How can we mitigate the risk and get the most of the money we spend on development? Very few projects fail because of technology problems. The number one success criteria for a project...

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