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The Benefits of Approaching Problems with a Beginner's Mind

As a custom software development shop, we’re always interested in marketing. Enjoying the work we do, and talking about it is the best way to reach new customers. One of the suggestions we often hear is that we should specialize; focus on a specific industry. My answer is we have....

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The Brave New World of Empowered People

Brooklyn Beta was inspiring. The conference had a great message. Make what you love, follow your passion, build it and the rest will come. However, there was another common thread naturally emerging from the talks. Scott Barron recognized it, and it resonated with me. Scott was inspired by a talk...

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Let's Talk About Reasonable Budgets

As a consultant, I’m often asked to help in the initial stages of a project to estimate “how big is the breadbox”. I completely understand this need. A famous teacher once said, “Don’t begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first getting...

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With Purpose

In July of 2009, six people began talking about how they might start something in Cincinnati. A place where they could have better control over how software is built and shipped. I was fortunate to be one of the six in this conversation, and by October 2009, Gaslight was born....

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I'm speaking at Windy City Rails!

I’ll be speaking at Windy City Rails on September 12th! At Gaslight we’ve been using Rails to build a logistics system with custom hardware components. Overall the project has been a big success but also a significant learning experience. We’re handling concurrency between the hardware and our app at multiple...

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Announcing Twallaby!

We’re happy and excited to introduce our newest product, Twallaby! We host QCMerge and couple of technical get-togethers, like the Web Tech Drinkup, here in town. Tweet walls are a pretty standard thing at these kinds of events, but we found the the available services were sorely lacking. Most are...

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