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How We Sell

We’re asked from time to time what our sales process is like. This should give a good overview. Initial Contact Sales leads come as word of mouth from existing clients and the developer community, as cold contacts from the website, and from training class attendees. We create a deal in...

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3 Ways Your Web App is Different than Your Website

Web applications and websites are both accessible via your browser, both work on your desktop and phone, and both have the word “web” in them. When you dig beyond that, these things share little in common. Web applications and your company websites have different purposes, build-out, and maintenance. It’s important...

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What a Painful Downswing Taught Me About Sales

Sometimes lessons learned best are the hard ones. Since we started Gaslight, we’ve done very well at leveraging personal networks to drive sales. All of us have been “in the business” for a long time and have made a lot of contacts, which has helped us find leads that turned...

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5 Signs Your Business Needs Custom Software

Sometimes it can feel like huge corporations have all the advantages. But if you’re a small- to medium-sized business, you can give yourself a competitive boost with technology. In fact, investing in custom software development might help you solve a tricky business problem, boost your productivity or create an entirely...

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How We Trello

We started using Trello on one of our projects because we wanted better visualization of our process and more flexibility than Pivotal Tracker could provide. Pivotal Tracker provides three standard columns and five standard card states: Icebox Backlog Done Started Finished Delivered Accepted Rejected This workflow no longer fit with...

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4 Ways to Transform Your Office Into A Video Studio

Video is Important and Anyone Can Do It You don’t have to be a professional videographer to make creative videos for your business. Nor do you need namebrand expensive equipment in order to make a video that pops. With a few commonly found and affordable items (and a bit of...

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