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4 Lessons Any Struggling Business Can Learn from Kitchen Nightmares

I’m a big fan of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The British version, not the American one. I enjoy watching, not because the shows are about cooking, but because they’re about business. Teamwork, leadership, purpose, positioning, margins and profit and losses are all topics you’ll hear covered. 1. Go Where the Customers...

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Why Simpler is Better for Tracking Project Health

As a group of software developers and designers, we talk a lot about what makes for a good product. High code quality, beautiful design, intuitive UI, and excellent test coverage are a few ways we talk about and measure the quality of a software product. But how do we characterize...

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Gaslight Podcast: Building an Employee Owned Company with Ry Walker

Your browser does not support the audio element. Ry Walker, Differential partner, talked with Michael Guterl and me about how he is “breaking the rules” to build his ideal company. Subscribe with RSS Subscribe with iTunes

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What Feature Do We Build Next? Our Approach to Software Release Planning.

Right now we’re documenting the entire software development process at Gaslight. One of the hotly contested subjects around the office is how to build a release plan for new projects. Does it need to be documented somewhere? Or does it simply exist in the day-to-day interactions of a tight-knit team?...

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Video Wrap Up

Checkout these videos from our local user groups. You can find all our videos on our YouTube Channel March Embernati - Wesley Workman on async file uploads in Ember.js April CinciJS: Chris Nelson - Web Components: The Bright and Shiny Future of Web app development Tim Kindberg on Angular UI-Router...

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I'm Speaking at RailsConf 2014!

Abstract When our tests fail all we get is output in a terminal. Testing is core to the culture of Ruby, and the tools are sophisticated, but something big is missing from the workflow. Namely, a powerful debugger. Integrating Pry creates an interactive, enjoyable TDD workflow. In this talk, I’ll...

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