Ask Tom and Yehuda: Your Burning Ember.js Questions Answered

We’ve been partnering with Tilde over the past six months or so to create the Introduction to Ember.js online class. For the course material, we filmed a series of exclusive videos with Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz, Ember’s creators, but we also found ourselves with a little extra time to create bonus content that we’re calling “Ask Tom and Yehuda.”

It’s a series of seven short videos that feature the duo answering crowd-sourced questions about everything from the Tomster’s origins to mobile development with Ember to the best ways to contribute to an open source project.

We released the first two videos today, and we’ll share a new one every other Thursday on our YouTube channel. Hit play below to find out: Why are routable components replacing controllers and views in Ember 2.0?

P.S. There’s one more video live over on our YouTube channel. Go find out exactly how the Tomster was born—and the real reason he sports the same hipster glasses as Tom Dale.

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