Announcing Twallaby!

We’re happy and excited to introduce our newest product, Twallaby!

We host QCMerge and couple of technical get-togethers, like the Web Tech Drinkup, here in town. Tweet walls are a pretty standard thing at these kinds of events, but we found the the available services were sorely lacking. Most are written in Flash so they can’t be run from an iOS device, most of them were not customizable.

Twallaby is a customizable tweet wall written in standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It couldn’t be simpler to use. Just visit and enter some search terms to see it in action.

Twallaby is freely available to use. Running your own event? Soon you’ll be able to sign up for Twallaby’s paid service so that you can promote your sponsors, change themes and use cool new features we’re adding. We’ll be keeping everybody up to date over at @HeyTwallaby. Follow us!

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