Announcing our first video workshop: Backbone and Ember

We recently recorded one of our in-person workshops at HTML5DevConf covering the strengths and weaknesses of two popular JavaScript frameworks: Backbone and Ember. We’re fans of both and we want you to be as well, so we’re excited to offer our first video workshop!

Picking a client side MVC framework isn’t easy, and seeing a trivial Todo app just doesn’t how much these frameworks bring to the table. In this workshop, we’ll dive into two popular frameworks: Backbone.js and Ember.

We’ll cover the features of each framework and dig in with code examples and labs that give you a solid understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each. After completing this workshop, you should be armed to the teeth with the knowledge you need to pick the best framework for your next rich client web app.

Here’s what you get for only $99.00USD:

  • Over six hours of video content
  • Links to exercises (hosted on JS Bin, so you can run without effort)
  • Links to code examples
  • Video of our own @superchris and @kevinrockwood!

Buy it now!

We’re super excited to get this out there, so go give it a shot and let us know what you think! We’ll be adding more training and workshop options in the future, too.

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