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How Do I Make an Animated .gif?

Here’s an animated gif of a certain sporting event that I saw on a certain broadcasting network’s website tonight. I expect a cease and desist any minute now, so let’s hurry. I made that (President Obama), but I don’t know if I would do it again, unless it was easier....

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PaidSimply Progress Report - Aug. 3, 2012

Note to self: Begin writing these posts on Monday not 15 minutes before they’re due to be published. Accomplishments Our goals from last week’s update were to ensure Google Analytics were running on the landing page and get approval of the tentative budget including an additional AdWords campaign. We’re not...

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"Indie Game: The Movie"

Last night I hosted a movie night at the Gaslight office to watch “Indie Game: The Movie”. I broadcasted invites across Twitter, reddit, and the user groups’ mailing list I’m on. We ended up with 13 attend, five of whom were high school age or younger. I think there’s some...

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PaidSimply Lean Canvas

The Challenge Last month’s meeting of the Cincinnati Lean Startup Circle was probably my favorite thus far. The turn out was larger than normal but the reason for my enthusiasm was the level of engagement of the entrepreneurs who showed up. There were many interesting ideas discussed openly which was...

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A Case for 1Password

We had a discussion this morning about password management and what is secure. I felt compelled to write something about what I believe to be the best mix of simplicity and security. In short, use 1Password. So the primary argument against 1Password is that it’s not secure enough. The main...

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Cookies, Design, & Aha Moments in Cincinnati & Beyond

An Interview with Kristin Lasita, Gaslight’s Newest Branding Star You’re a native of Cincinnati, what’s it like to grow up, go to college and start work here? I grew up traveling around the country. By the end of high school I was ready to get out, if not the state...

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