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PaidSimply Lean Canvas

The Challenge Last month’s meeting of the Cincinnati Lean Startup Circle was probably my favorite thus far. The turn out was larger than normal but the reason for my enthusiasm was the level of engagement of the entrepreneurs who showed up. There were many interesting ideas discussed openly which was...

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A Case for 1Password

We had a discussion this morning about password management and what is secure. I felt compelled to write something about what I believe to be the best mix of simplicity and security. In short, use 1Password. So the primary argument against 1Password is that it’s not secure enough. The main...

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Cookies, Design, & Aha Moments in Cincinnati & Beyond

An Interview with Kristin Lasita, Gaslight’s Newest Branding Star You’re a native of Cincinnati, what’s it like to grow up, go to college and start work here? I grew up traveling around the country. By the end of high school I was ready to get out, if not the state...

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Adding a Share by Email Button to Your Tumblr Posts

Apparently email is still a valid way of sharing things. It may still be the best way of sharing something with one person. Every social media app has an api for “share” buttons, but there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of code out there to steal in the...

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The Web is a Hypermedia API

If you’re struggling to wrap your head around Hypermedia APIs, the first thing you need to understand is that you actively use one every day. Unless you were just handed a printout of this article, you are using one right now. The Twilight Zone Imagine that you live in an...

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What I've Learned from Third-Party JavaScript

UPDATE 7/31/2012: As mentioned below, I spent some time at BackboneConf talking with Alex Sexton about third-party javascript. He had been one of the early technical reviewers for Third-Party Javascript by Ben Vinegar and Anton Kovalyov. Alex had nothing but good stuff to say about this book. I’ve only read...

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