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Sure, we love to geek out over technology and design. But it's all for a bigger purpose - boosting your business. Through development, design and business categories here on our blog - we break down our best practices, what to look for when it comes to software development, and how you can in fact, leverage technology.


QCMerge: Community with Nate Westheimer

Nate Westheimer is an entrepreneur, analyst, and social web expert. With experience ranging from leading groundbreaking startups to advising top national media brands on distribution and monetization strategy, Nate has command over the cutting edge and actively deploys his expertise in a wide range of startups and initiatives. Beyond the...

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Announcing the CWT Study Group!

We all benefit from a healthy and vibrant tech community in Cincinnati. My biggest takeaway from @timfalls’ talk yesterday at QCMerge was this: If you want to promote and nurture an awesome tech community in your city, you have to be willing to give before you receive. With this mission...

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Horsemask and didgeridoo. What more in life could you want?

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CinciJS - Should This Button Be Blue? Simple Design Considerations to Make Your Product Not Suck

Beautiful code needs a beautiful interface. Ok not necessarily beautiful, but at least usable. I’ll offer some quick tips on type, color, grid, hierarchy, and other elements to help your project be successful. About Kristin Kristin Lasita is a designer at Gaslight. Born in Cincinnati, trained in print design, and...

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Gaslight Podcast #16: QCMerge

Your browser does not support the audio element. We packed the room with Gaslighters this week to talk about an upcoming conference called QCMerge. We discus the origins of the conference and some of the exciting things in store for this year. Subscribe with RSS Subscribe with iTunes

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CincyCocoaDev – RubyMotion with Jim Weirich

RubyMotion is a revolutionary toolchain for iOS. It lets you quickly develop and test native iOS applications for iPhone or iPad, all using the awesome Ruby language you know and love. About Jim Jim Weirich first learned about computers when his college adviser suggested he take a computer science...

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