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Sure, we love to geek out over technology and design. But it's all for a bigger purpose - boosting your business. Through development, design and business categories here on our blog - we break down our best practices, what to look for when it comes to software development, and how you can in fact, leverage technology.


How Continuous Deployment Boosts Developer Morale and Productivity

We recently partnered with one our our longest-running clients, Sharethrough, to transition their projects to continuous deployment. This practice means that when you push code to the master branch in...

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Why You Should Co-Locate With Your Development Team

I used to love my cube at Knovation. It was comfortable and secluded, held all of my belongings, and gave off that “don’t bother me I’m busy” vibe. For the...

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How We Commute to Gaslight’s New Downtown Office (And How You Can, Too)

We’ve been in our new downtown office just over a month, and so far, we’re loving the new space and location. For many of us, it’s a relief not to...

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Why We’re Ditching Unlimited Vacation. And What We’re Doing Instead

In 2013, we launched an unlimited vacation policy at Gaslight, and I’ll admit I wasn’t too excited about the idea at first. While I think most traditional paid time off...

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5 Reasons You Need to Watch Real People Use Your App

Last week we jumped in a minivan for a software road trip with our client Knovation. Six of us drove from Cincinnati to Mooresville, North Carolina, to observe teachers and...

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Learn Twice as Much at Sales Meetings With a Business Model Canvas

Recently, I went along on a sales call at a local market research firm. While my co-worker had talked to the company before, I knew next to nothing about the...

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